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"Our purpose is to help you live a happy and smoothly flowing life in order to express the highest version of yourself in every moment." Eli 


Elisabeth Godin 


Eli invests her soul and imagination into every project that she works on. She is passionate about creating a better world where people can be authentic and happy.

Eli has extensive professional experience in HR development. Combined with this, She has devoted several years to her spiritual growth as well as developing a yoga, mindfulness, therapy and coaching business. She thrives to inspire people from all walks of life to generate new ideas and solutions, as well as helping them to express and heal themselves more freely and creatively.

Eli brings the uniqueness of who she is through the life experiences that brought her here today.

She is also passionate about self-management, personal responsibility and conscious leadership.

A team of passionate lovers of peace and joy with a passion for helping people feel healthier, fitter and happier through exercise, spiritual practice and nutrition.  




At Thrive we have a clear purpose: To inspire, shape and grow conscious ways of living, so that people enjoy a happy and smoothly flowing life, and express the highest version of themselves.

OUR PHILOSOPHY: Our way of being runs deeply through everything we do, and we stay true to what we believe matters and makes a difference:

Authenticity: We genuinely believe that each and every one of us has something unique to offer to the world. It is this uniqueness that creates the richness of our differences and leads to genius ideas. For us, authenticity is the courage to express yourself fearlessly whilst inspiring others around you.

Evolution: Our personal growth is something that we passionately protect. We see true transformation as being less about the destination, and more about the journey. One thing we are sure of is that we never have all the answers, but we understand the power of creating the way forward, and finding solutions together.

Connectedness: Connecting deeply with the people and communities around us creates a true sense of belonging, it’s a human need. We know relationships are precious, they are at the heart of wellbeing and happiness. No matter what, we give the people around us the best of ourselves and make sure our relationships are nurtured and treasured, always.

Happiness: Life is better when it’s filled with fun, joy and kindness. An inner feeling of contentment which can only be discovered through deep compassion for ourselves and others. We honour our true emotions because they matter, and we stay attuned to what we think, feel and say. After all people remember not what you say, but how you make them feel, and for us, this is where the magic happens.

Integrity: We thrive to offer the best customer experience by active listening and tailor our services to your need. We believe that transparency, honesty and reliability build trust and long-lasting relationships. 

Our Business operates on holacracy which a system of governance whereby every member of the team as well as our customers and suppliers are encouraged to own their outcome and the means to get there while aligning with the purpose and the values of Thrive.

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